Life Lessons

A visit to The Barbican in London yesterday to attend a Life Lessons event and discovered a host of happy people, books and speakers on the subject of Happiness. Chris, Sally and I picked up a couple of books and a few useful ideas to incorporate in our HAPPY people, places, planet conference in April. …

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10 happiness tips

Friends are a big cause of happiness if you can get it right. There is not enough time for all of your friends, so do a friends audit.  Expand the time you spend with the best ones, and compress the time you spend with the others, …or possibly even stop seeing some completely. Discover that …

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Be A Happiness Magnet!

Here are six practical things that you can do, starting NOW:      Realise that it’s not about money, chasing after that won’t make you happy, even if you get it. The price you pay will outweigh the increase in happiness that you get.– friends: make a list and do an audit and resolve to spend more time with …

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World Happiness Project

What is the link between Success, Happiness and Money?

A really important question, maybe THE most important question you could ever ask, is what is the link between success and happiness?  …and where does money come into it, if at all? “Will success make me happy, will being happy doing something lead to being successful at it, and can you have one without the other?” …

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