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Understanding Happiness and Wellbeing – a guide for the Media

Gerry and Chris host a media briefing session with Lord Layard, Tom Morris, Lord O’Donnell and Sir Anthony Seldon

“The principal role of government is to maintain the happiness and wellbeing of its people”

The time has come to call upon the UK media to help explain the importance of happiness and wellbeing in Society following the coronavirus pandemic. People need to be reminded what government is for and politicians of all persuasions need to be encouraged to recognise the value of creating and maintaining a happy and contented population across the UK.

The country’s leading journalists, news editors and broadcast media people were recently invited to attend a special online Media Briefing Forum and hear from prominent people involved in the global happiness movement, including Sir Anthony Seldon and Lord Richard Layard, co-founders of Action for Happiness and former Cabinet Secretary, Lord Gus O’Donnell. The well known American philosopher, Tom Morris also joined the session and talked about the US Declaration of Independence which set out three basic principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Highlights of the Media Briefing Forum can be downloaded at

Agenda for Media Briefing Forum

Introduction and Welcome – Gerry Clarke, Director, World Happiness Project

Happiness and Wellbeing – A question of morals and ethics – Lord Richard Layard, Professor Emeritus, LSE

A Practical Guide to Happiness – Chris Croft, Director, World Happiness Project

Wellbeing in the Workplace – Benefits of a happy workforce – Lord Gus O’Donnell, Former Cabinet Secretary

US Declaration of Independence – Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – Tom Morris, American Philosopher

The Future of Happiness in Society – A global view – Sir Anthony Seldon, Author and contemporary historian

Given the growth of the global happiness movement and success of the World Happiness Project over the past few years, we believe that this event aimed at explaining the importance of happiness, improved mental health and wellbeing in our society would have a positive impact, encouraging journalists, politicians and people from all walks of life, religions and cultural backgrounds to consider the quality of our lives following the coronavirus pandemic and engage in a worthwhile discussion about the future of Society in the UK.

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