Our primary aim is to produce a major new television series and global video stream about Happiness and Wellbeing.

We have written and produced a number of script outlines and treatments that tell the story of Happiness and Wellbeing. A synopsis of these are outlined below. For more details contact gerry@worldhappinessTVproject.org

Working Title: HOW TO BE HAPPY

An informative and entertaining series of programmes about what makes us happy and how we can achieve greater happiness in life. Featuring interviews and discussions with a variety of global politicians, academic experts, famous celebrities and sports stars who are known for their happy disposition and lifestyle. The series touches upon all aspects of happiness, including philosophy, history and importance as well as introducing practical methods of achieving happiness in our everyday lives.

The series has universal appeal and answers fundamental questions such as:

  • What are the main causes of happiness?  Will more money make you happier?
  • Can a person become happier through their own efforts?
  • What are the most important actions we can take to secure a happy life?

For an example of what this programme will contain, see a clip from the Dalai Lama’s Guide to Happiness at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUEkDc_LfKQ


A concept based on the successful television series :- “The Truth about…….”

This series introduces a group of celebrities and individuals from across the UK who find it difficult to be happy due to personal issues such as emotional/physical health, family and friends, lifestyle choices, etc We develop a series of tests for happiness based on latest scientific principles and measurement, creating a Happiness research lab to present the results and interview leading scientists and psychologists who evaluate the results and provide practical comment.

The Secrets of Happiness yields numerous rewards for the individual and make for a better, healthier, stronger society.


Based on the Action For Happiness Exploring What Matters course and the global network of Happy Cafes.

The series explains why happiness and wellbeing are important. Most people believe that happiness is a meaningful, desirable and worthwhile goal and is one of the most pleasing dimensions of human experience and emotional life.

The programmes follow a group of individuals who attend an Experiencing What Matters course where they learn about GREAT DREAM – the Ten Keys to happier living. They go on to join a Happy Cafe Group and practise what they have learned, finding happiness in many unexpected ways. We explore the practical steps that people can take to increase their happiness and well being. A personal makeover series of programmes for a post Covid world.

People supporting our project include:

Sir Anthony Seldon
Lord Richard Layard
Lord Gus O’Donnell
Dame Kathy Grainger – Head of UK Sport
Sir Matthew Pinsent
Janet Street Porter
Gyles Brandreth
Ohoud Al Roumi, Minister of Happiness, UAE
Meik Wiking of the Danish Institute of Happiness
Saamdu Chetri – Professor of Happiness, India
Julia Kim – Gross National Happiness Bhutan
Karen Guggenheim – WOHASU (World Happiness Summit)
Suzie & James Pawelski – authors of Happy Together

Robert Biswas-Diener – Positive Psychologist
Mo Gawdat, former GoogleX CBO, author, visionary and founder of Onebillionhappy
Dr Paul Litchfield Chair of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing
Dr David Matthews ex Goldman Sachs
Mark Williamson – CEO of Action for Happiness
Henry Stewart – Happy.com

John Magee – Author of Kindness Matters
Sonya Lyubomirski – Professor of Psychology, University of California, Riverside

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