10 happiness tips

  1. Friends are a big cause of happiness if you can get it right. There is not enough time for all of your friends, so do a friends audit.  Expand the time you spend with the best ones, and compress the time you spend with the others, …or possibly even stop seeing some completely.
  2. Discover that mastery is a road to nowhere. Obsession takes too much time, it’s better to dabble in more things and harvest more happiness
  3. Happiness is difficult because we tend to go for the short term rather than long-term, and we tend to go for enjoy rather than achieve, especially if achievement requires doing something right now which we don’t feel like doing. So the answer is to have some projects where you feel you’re making progress, and that requires goals, probably enjoy and achieve at home and at work, and some of these projects would preferably be creative because creativity is also a source of happiness
  4. Competing or comparing will not make you happy
  5. Get rid of anger. What story are you telling yourself? In fact all negative emotions have a perceived pay off which causes you to choose them but which is in fact false
  6. It’s not about money. Time is what affects your happiness. The cost of any money out weighs the enjoyment you get from it. Bunch of grapes, they are all free or cheap
  7. Either find a job you enjoy your find a way to enjoy your job. This could mean leaving or it could mean slowly moving your circle towards the way you want to your job to be
  8. Happiness comes from coming out of one’s comfort zone, so it’s important to find a way to push yourself out of your comfort zone occasionally. What have you done recently all got planned for the future?
  9. Get the basics right, exercise and sleep
  10. Say no to more things. This is a double benefit, you get rid of bad things but also you get more time for the good things.

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