Why wouldn’t you want to bring more happiness into your life? Here’s news of our online Global Happy Cafe.


Over the past twelve months we have established a highly successful Happy Café in Dorset.  Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the current lockdown in the UK, we have now moved to a virtual meeting using Zoom and meet online twice a month. It provides an opportunity to discuss a number of important issues relating to happiness, mental health and wellbeing in society. We are now reaching out to a wider audience and launching the Global Happy Café from 1st July.

Concept: Act locally, think globally!

A monthly 60-minute Zoom meeting that brings together people from around the world to share our successful brand of Happy Café meetings.

Objective: How can we be happier?

Our aim is to develop a fellowship of likeminded people from around the world interested in increasing happiness and improving mental health and wellbeing, promoting the Action for Happiness Ten Keys to Happier Living, and discussing the future of society following the Corona virus pandemic.

Meeting Schedule

Starting from 1st July we will meet online at 7pm BST. We aim to reach an audience of 1000+ within three months. Login details will be published shortly. Our meeting format:-

Welcome and introduction by the facilitators, Gerry, Chris, Julia and Dulcie.  
A moment of meditation.  
What made you happy recently? Attendees leave a comment in chat box  
Personal stories of happiness and wellbeing from around the world  
Guest Speaker, with short presentations on topics of interest, eg:- Lesley Lyle on Positive Ageing, Sir Anthony Seldon on Finding Happiness, Lord Richard Layard on Can We Be Happier, Mark Williamson on the Action for Happiness movement. Selection of topics highlighting the ten keys to happier living    
Happiness items from around the world reflecting local traditions & culture.  
Health and Fitness, with items on maintaining a healthy body and mind.  
Food and Cooking, introducing recipes and ideas for healthy eating.  
Creative Corner, highlighting inspirational music and creative arts.  
Nature Notes, including items on wildlife and the environment.  
Pets Corner, profiling happy moments with pet dogs, cats, birds etc.  
Book Club, reviewing latest titles on Happiness, Kindness, Wellbeing with Kerry  
A look at the Action For Happiness Calendar for the month  
Happiness tip of the month and closing remarks. Reminder of next meeting date and details  

Here’s a selection of photos from our Happy Cafe photo album from the past twelve months. We have been meeting regularly on the first Monday of the month at 11am in The Canford Hotel, 53 Cliff Dr, Poole BH13 7JF. Come and join us. For more details contact Dulcie Batt via email:- dulciebatt1@gmail.com

Celebrating Happiness by joining hands to bring on the Christmas lights
Listening to guests telling us what makes them happy

Check out https://www.facebook.com/PooleHappyCafe/ for details of next date etc

… and it’s free!